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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions...

How can we help streamline the titles process for your title team?
  • No more need to send titles to Sacramento with no point of contact or tracking device
  • Inconvenient rejects that slow the title transfer and refinance process
  • Reduce time consuming holds on state records
  • Minimize electronic title (ELT) processing delays
  • Meet compliance mandates for processing loans in a timely manner
  • Avoid instances of having to buy back loans
Where do I sign for the title transfer?

This brief DMV video will guide you through the process of where to sign.

What are common DMV fees?

Registration related DMV fees are listed here, on the DMV website.

What forms of payment do we accept?

We Accept Credit/Debit, Money Orders, eChecks & PayPal™

Visa Mastercard Discover American Express Cash

*No checks as DMV fees must be available same day*

*Cash accepted for exact amount only*