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“Satzfyd Titles helped me post my fees until I was able to get my smog test done . . . two weeks later I made another appointment with the smog and got my stickers and new registration the same day. A lot more convenient and faster than waiting in line at the DMV . . ."


“When I thought the dealer had taken care of my commercial plates, I called Satzfyd Titles because I was on the road and didn't have time to get substitute plates. Chelle was understanding and took care of the paperwork I needed to sign. They went to DMV for me so I could stay on the road for work. What a life saver!”


"Thank you Satzfyd Titles for lending me a hand! Chelle, the owner, got my registration handled immediately! I waited until the last minute, but it didn't matter, she took care of me right away! This is one Satzfyd customer. I highly recommend utilizing her services."


"The plates on my Mazda went FLYING on the road and I needed to get new plates. I waited over 6 months for my plates (only because I DREAD dealing with the DMV...the long lines... angry people...bitter employees). I'm surprised I didn't get a ticket considering we drive the majority of the day. I asked Chelle if she could help me and WOW! Seamless process! Paid with my debit card, filed out my forms and had my new plates instantly!!!!! USE THIS SERVICE! You will save time, headaches, grey hairs and have no cranky attitude for dealing with mean people at the DMV!!!!! Chelle... where have you been all my life!!! :-) "


"I was referred by a local car guy to this business. I needed some Vin checks and title service. Chelle was very prompt and knowledgeable. She worked around my schedule and answered all my questions. she provided the best DMV services without the long lines. I recently had her help me with my car registration also."


“Looking for a quick and painless DMV experience? Hit up my girl Chelle...

I hate dealing with anything related to the DMV. But when someone is as passionate as she is about her job, you can only expect best the possible service and better yet, you don't have to deal with the DMV!!! I had my registration renewal taken care of in the blink of an eye... Where else can you get that?

Do yourself a favor and save your time and unnecessary headache... Satzfyd is the way to go!”